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Introducing Vogue Evolution

Friday, July 31, 2009 , Posted by Rob [Vice President of G.A.F] at 9:48 PM

The first openly gay dancing crew to hit up Americans Best dance crew, and they come from NEW YORK! I remember watching Lion King and thinking "ATL and New York is like pride rock, everything the light touches is gay," I'm keeping an eye on the chubby one he looks like he could pop lock and dip that texturizer in his head quicker than he drops legs.

The tranny (LEYOMI MIZRAHI) is THAT BITCH you all see in ballroom youtube videos, she will probably the third famous tranny on television first being the boy from America's Next Top Model, and second being Wendy Williams. I still can't believe they are putting ["vouging"] into this, but at least Randy Jackson got something in common with these dancers. Randy Jackson has eaten more fruits than pacman and ms.pacman combined, I don't care what people say. Let's wish them good luck, yes?

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  1. Quick says:

    word...!? Ciara was supposed to be incorporating this dancing style into her vision for Fantasy Ride, but that didn't really interested to see how long they can death drop their way in the competition.

  1. Quick says:

    ...and in the first season Fysh & Chick paid homage to Leyomi during their performance for "Freakum Dress" so its kinda cool to she shim on the show now...

  1. Marc says:

    I will definitely be watching them this season, If any group of dancers can bring vogue to the forefront it's them. Just about all of them are legendary and make their opponents look late. Oh and on a side note their names are (left to right): Leiomy (that's how she spells it) Mizrahi, Pony Jourdan-Zion, Malechi Allure, Prince Milan, and Deshawn Evisu. Work Bitches!!!!