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Beyonce a devil worshiper?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 , Posted by Rob [Vice President of G.A.F] at 7:14 PM

Disclaimer: I'm a Beyonce Stan so... I wrote this with tears in my eyes and Ramen Noodles in my mouth.

At first like a cloud over a desert I refused to participate discussing this topic but after some research this shit gets retardedly serious-the hand gestures (in-particular the pyramid over the left eye) Beyonce and Jay-Z make signify devil worship (the illuminati). Remember on the American bill there is a pyramid with eye, which these crazy ass people link to the devil because "money is the root of all evil." People are showing their stupidity I'm religious but lawd for example I quote this dumb broad:

Beyonce should save [her] soul. Her Momma and Daddy pimped her bigtime to Satan. JZ just took up where they left off. I hope no children are born to the curse. And, anyone you see now, esp. Black, with big dough isserving Satan also. Those are the rules of the game. If you want what I've got, then do what I do, says the Devil. Ask Puff, 2Pac, Aliyah, Left eye, Biggie...ask them what oaths they have to take and watch their expressions..not what comes out of their mouths but the shock of being exposed. Pray that they will repent and all the lost souls idolizing them. And, then get money the honest way, not by hallucinations.

Wow... This isn't even funny only thing I could link the great Beyonce and Lucifer to are lace fronts... That shit has to be Satan's power over the black community. Let's see lace fronts arehot (as hell), expensive (money is evil no?), make you look like sin (all of them combined),Fake (r than Ciara's Talent), and ethnic self-hatred (hatred of your race cause why else would you wear one?).

Anyway, So some heffer compared Beyonce's "get me boded" to satanism in the video below. So apparently "bodied" is some creole magical pot fuckery meaning sacrificed? Chile please I watched the whole thing while laughing cause i refuse to assimilate this redundant evil. Life without Beyonce is like life with Tiny and Toya, it's unnecessary and I don't understand why people would tolerate it.

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  1. Some people take things WAY too seriously!

  1. Quick says:

    WOW! This is truly taking things too far...i could see if B wasn't a religious woman, but i pays this no mind-

  1. Mathew says:

    haha... who ever made this video is kinda retarded. and by retarded i mean fucking stupid!

  1. Anonymous says:

    The only suspect thing to me about the video is why is she the only person in the video that interacts with that woman in the cage.. hmmmm interesting

  1. Medusa says:

    Chile this true as the sky is blue. I have researched this for too long, and my spirit is unsettles around Bey. Disappointing to me, too, since I am one of her fans, but there is something greater behind the music industry. All this imagery and lyrics is NOT coincidence, these people have this down to a SCIENCE. The directors CHOSE what they CHOSE for a REASON. We are blind to what is right before our eyes. Research more sweetie, don't be deceived. I know it sounds crazy, I KNOW lol. I thought it was over-analyzation at first as well, but when you really start to look at thing for what they are you too will see that something is amiss. It's all brainwashing. Watch some of Lenon Honor's films on Beyonce on youtube. Even if it's just for fun, watch them.

  1. Anonymous says:

    You just don't have enough knowledge about sorcery to know it is true.
    Keep thinking only what you can see exists, that's your problem.
    I've seen demons myself, and i'm NOT only talking about possession. I mean a REAL demon trying to choke me.
    Anyway, why am I bothering... don't know.

  1. Anonymous says:

    she's a nasty little thing, jay z sure is a pimp.i dont get it how people cant see the way she dances etc its like watchin a preview of a porno.i hope that she and other ppl like her will get what they deserve just as they continue influencing youth to become filthy like them.that goes for that witch madonna too!

  1. daKid says:

    yo u ppl r dum so fuckin clueless and fuckin blind this is real illuminati is real these ppl all on tv wit all dis fame if u pay attention the shit they do is strange satan is da prince of the are money and fame is his gas to stear this whole nation ever wondered y so many ppl hate western civilizationn??? dumasses get real

  1. Anonymous says:

    ppl dont hate. jus because she made a living doing something she loves doesnt meanshe worshipps the devil. money isnt evil and pyrimads dont mean the devil. the fact is Egyptians used them to bury their dead so stoop followwing rumors

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    Its black & white celebs and every hollywood star not just black , or the black community I'm so sick of you ppl always thinking you better than everybody ...........!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh shit I trusted you guys and I was a huge fan damn I so disappointed in you!

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