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Craigslist: Lesbian Edition

Sunday, May 10, 2009 , Posted by Rob [Vice President of G.A.F] at 6:30 AM

NOW! Onto the Craigslist Ads of fuckery

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Uh huh she needs a ride or die bitch HUH!??! Anyone need to contact her she looks like she can lick bitches to an inch of their ovaries...

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What the fuck is this the year of the pussy monsters? Don't know why but her tits disturb me, but she said she is thick so know what they say about thick girls and thick lips.....

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I have no hate on this one she is CUTE! If i was Wanda Sykes she can take my furburger for take out all day everyday! and I am still dying at what she said "I'm in need of something sweet... could it be YOU?" This needs to be on a shirt!

But real talk, I have one lesbian friend who is probably more manly than I. Bitch knows how to fix cars and ish- I can't even tune a bike. But real talk, the other night we were drinking some wine out of a box when she said how she used to "wrap it up" when sex sessions get to long with her girlfriend by using Ky tingly jelly on the nature's Rubik cube clit. Oh lordy I need some new friends really and truly, cause my heart cannot take anymore of this fuckery.

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  1. Quick says: that my cousin!? naw...but the girl in the last ad is a cutie, the hell she need w/ a craig's list?

  1. Au Naturale says:

    your words are pure hilarity...these young girls ARE OUT shame in their game at all.. i wudn't put shit on Craigslist...all kinds of murderers and rapers lurk there..but whatever lol

  1. Hmmmm I don't understand some of the lingo "non ag?" lol hmmm I wonder what you be putting on cl? lmao

  1. "I will send you a virus on your computer."