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Miss Can't get shit right // Ampro gel

Saturday, July 18, 2009 , Posted by Rob [Vice President of G.A.F] at 9:46 PM

Ummm No thanks...Imma need you to go back and reconsider what you trying to sell boo. You need to stop changing your hair and try to inject more estrogen to make that "voice" sound better (I SAW THAT B.E.T PERFORMANCE!!). There's a reason why I call you Miss.Can'tgetitright.

I dedicate half this post of Ampro Gel and when people use their products for their evil doings!

How the fuck you gon sport a beard with that hair cut? is that even a beard look like he grabbed a marker and went crazy... that smile look like it's robbing houses, doing the Tipsy swirl and throwing glittah all over you bitches.

*sigh* I'd be bowing my head in shame too...

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  1. Ciara is trying it all...poor thing. Lookin' like somebody's mama in that wig.
    And you already know Dexter has that good-good.
    Oh, hole up! That hump, ponytail, and random straight hair over the shoulder is gonna be my next look! LMAO!

  1. Quick says:

    Ciara needs to go back to the drawing board...and that ad w/Dexter is of the devil!