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I see you DOWNLOW MEN! / Real TALK

Friday, June 5, 2009 , Posted by Rob [Vice President of G.A.F] at 7:16 PM


Y'all know about DL central Atlanta, I got more stories about the fuckery that happens there than All my children and Days of our lives combined.

All i got to say is DL men ain't shit neither for a plethora of reasons! and i will demonstrate two for you all summed up in two nice clickable thumbnails!

All i gotta say is.... WOWWWWWWWWW he got that DL game proper!

And this one talks about how his ass got busted open till all the white meat showed...

Let me push aside my fuckery for a hot minute and give some of you ladies some "real talk":

Yes, Downlow men are flat out disgusting and people blame them for many STD infections, but they aren't the sole central issue. The biggest reason for causes of STDs is the lack of a condom and unfaithfulness PERIOD. I see some people say "My man faithful to me no matter what" and two seconds later he boinking another broad unprotected.

Every other day i hear my friends tell other girls "Girl you betta be careful he may be on the DOWNLOW"... What about if he fucking other women? Where is the concern for that? Do women NOT have diseases to?

Lemme give you information some hoodrats don't take into consideration: The thugs you see and some of the ones you date have been to prison and in prison male on male fucking is normative. Some guys who truly aren't gay are forced into having gay sex situations (and remember sex is against the rules hence why no condoms are passed out in prison) and once they get out and back into having sex with women, the same women who stupidly don't use protection- PRESTO! You got high rates of HIV and other STDs.

But instead some of y'all get your nails done, get your hair did, and go "OOO beware the Downlow men". If we aren't honest with ourselves about what the dangers are, how the FUCK can we address the real problems? Don't focus on one area of the problem look at it overall and don't suspect ever damn man you see of being DL cause even the ones you don't suspect may be.
Treat everyone as if they have the most nasty disease you can think of until you can truly believe you can put your life on the line for that hour or two of sexual pleasure (or even less if you got a two minute man) till then WRAP IT THE FUCK UP~

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  1. Quick says:

    ...thank you! Wear a damn condom! I call it the 5 dollar mistake...when someone catches a disease or a baby...5 dollar mistake

  1. Mmmm hmm.
    People are so naive about sex and disease.