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Candlelight Vigil: Victims of Island Dick Syndrome

Monday, June 8, 2009 , Posted by Rob [Vice President of G.A.F] at 7:59 PM

*Tyra Tears*

Island Dick Destroys LIVES, I'm out to call BET and ask for a telethon to raise funds for treatment and prevention.

IDS seems innocent and normative at first you're getting a sweet person from the islands who treats you well, buys you food, rubs your nasty ass feet, and makes your pussy whistle sweet tunes in the morning. But this toe-curling fun comes with a price.

It takes a turn for the worse....
  • Soon you find that your islander is in your pussy more than a tampon, always wanting to be hitting it up even when aunt flow is about to jump in on your life
  • Soon you will be carrying a kid in a stroller and in each arm because your ass will be pregnant as soon as your ovaries release the eggs
  • "If it hasn't came once it's come twice cut the welfare check thanks" - Your ass wont be able to work because of the screaming kids who you will probably name some island ass name (I see you LaQuanda)
  • Once your career goes downhill, so does the rest of your damn senses, you'll start looking like shit, you'll start switching up religions preaching shit and then soon your life will be like Ciara's Fantasy Ride... Shit. (you knew that was coming)

The spokesperson for this deadly syndrome: Lauryn Hill. R.Marley done turn her out bust her open and leave her senseless, but I honestly miss her and her music, but imma need her to get this shit out her system before she comes back

So in the end try not to become a victim of IDS, and Lettuce pray for the ones tho are affected by it. Amen.

Currently have 2 comments:

  1. Rob...leave Lauryn alone.
    I'll leave the Islanders alone though. Orange is not a good look hair-wise for me.

    (Actually I read an interesting article and they were talking about how it was this crazy preacher she met right after she "blew up" who told her God didn't like what she was doing and stuff and made her lose her mind.)

  1. Xander says:

    *island peen here!* LOL