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Hoodrat RE-WRITE!!!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009 , Posted by Rob [Vice President of G.A.F] at 2:50 PM

Okay at work yesterday I was getting bored so i popped in one of my FAVOURITE HOODRAT tracks from down south, Remy Ma (and Whacki-O's) Pussy Whip Game Proper. So my co-worker and I were so bored we made the following lyrics to the songs track (my verses are in bold; YEA I'm corny). I may Make an audio clip of me rapping it if i get bored enough, move the fuck over Eli Porter Robby is going to REPRESENT!


Ba na na na na bo bo nana
the dyck grab them and have them
just acting like a god damn fool
see the dyck is kinda like a hose
always wetting hoodrat hoes
I don't even have to kick off my shoes

I make them pop that lipgloss low (cause i got them dyck whipped)
They never tell me no (cause i got them dyck whipped)
Cars, Phones, and clothes (and i ain't got to bite the clit)
I got a real proper dick

I ride them like a rent-a- car
Don't be sucking on my neck that's what the dyck is for
show the penis some respect!~

Be like a kitty and lick dem damn balls
I'll feed you caviar
shoot you up some sweet milk

I fuck the bitch like a maniac
My head is on another level and i'm a brainiac
You see dem new SLRs thats what i'm naming that

Yea these bitches got me revved -asking me where the sperm is at?
I got some good woody.

(interlude and Remy Ma part)

Currently have 4 comments:

  1. Rob...Imma need for you to stop listening to the hoodrats and pick up some Chrisette Michele.

    And your mixtape privileges are hereby revoked.

  1. adrionie says:

    rob jesus loves you and so do we. u r a mess!!! lol

  1. Durty Mo says:

    I swear every time I see that album cover I shed tears!! WTF! LOL!

  1. Quick says:

    "be like a kitty and lick dem damn balls!" lol best line of the remix-