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And the irrelevant walk the Earth...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 , Posted by Rob [Vice President of G.A.F] at 3:17 AM

Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? NO! It's Super Chokesondik to the rescue saving nutbuckethoes one spread eagle picture at a time. Not like you care, but apparently "singer" Cassie still has a model career, girl pretty but we must ban her from all audio devices. You remember that B.E.T fiasco poor girl hasn't recovered- how she still make money? We all know Diddy don't pay that much to get some strap-on thunda from this poor confused little girl.
(love don't pay the bills, but apparantly pierced couscous does!)

So why am I posting about her? Easy! Because I ain't got shit to do apparently lmao, and since the AMPRO GEL ad deal fell out they can stylize my left nut's pubic hair. Anyways, head [HERE] to view the rest of thursstayy broad's photoshoot.

Currently have 2 comments:

  1. How did they weave that?
    Half her damn head is bald!

  1. Yeah, you definitely need help! *DEAD*