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Jump offs need to stay in their lane

Saturday, January 10, 2009 , Posted by Rob [Vice President of G.A.F] at 8:38 AM

I know some of y'all know about the drama between Notorious B.I.G , his wife, and his many jump offs. First of all KIM needs to find a version of her face to love moreover have the time to hate the (I BET CRAPPY) movie, she's just mad miss swan from MADTV didn't play her. I'm sorry i can't listen to someone who does not even love any part of their body moreover themselves.

FAITH handled the situation in a civilized ho manner she knew she was on the same level of his jump offs and was already banging in her new hubby when he died. She's one of those hos that get easily preggo every damn man she spread her legs for she later has to spread her legs again to pop a kid out. I sadly failed ho-ology 101 but maybe she knew that a kid means $$$?

Charlie Baltimore was supposedly his number one jump off (maybe her pu$$y was the shit) and you don't see her as making no fits cause she KNEW her lane.

So to sum it all up Hoes and Jump offs...STAY IN YOUR DAMN LANE once that person nuts on your damn body exit stage left please and shut the fuck up, no one wants to put a ring on it nor have no kids (on purpose). So don't say this "love" shit or start drama just get that nut and leave- easy peazy lemon squeezy

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  1. Wry Beauty says:

    EXTREMELY well put. :)

  1. thundacat says:

    amen ROB!!...i hate hoes that dont know they role!!...if u dont wanna be in your lane...dont be a damn hoe!!...