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I'm driving on your roads- killing your womenz

Monday, December 22, 2008 , Posted by Rob [Vice President of G.A.F] at 8:52 AM

So after 4 years of hiatus and disappearing-crash into a cars killing people- then reappearing she releases called "HUMAN" *CRACKS THE FUCK UP* "Yea accidents happen i'm human y'all!" I'm not gonna hate on her though her ass is making this album to save funds just in case she has to pay the family of the woman she killed, so you'll see her ass on every damn thing she can get her hands on. So anyways I heard her new single is a track named "long distance" (AKA the long distance i drove before i slayed that woman) *DEAD* anything that even remotes to driving has a joke in itself, eh? Maybe shes trying to tell us something through her music i mean her first single was Right here('s where i killed that woman, Ray). Okay I'll stop.

We all know she ain't driving NOWHERE-fuck saying the stereotypical my driving is rather "asian" im gonna start saying "I'm driving like brandy tonight". Imma call her need for speed.


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